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Noongar Language

Wandjoo kaya!

At Greenfields Primary school, students from Year 3 to 6, are engaging in Noongar language lessons for an hour each week. Choosing Noongar as the school language students and the school community gain further understanding of the Noongar culture and they are showing respect to the Binjareb people the first people of the area that the students live and learn on.


Each semester students will engage in 2 new topics with 20 new words to add to their Noongar vocabulary. Students are learning language through oral, gestures, song, and written text. Each theme is built around Noongar culture and our environment. The goal is that the Noongar words and conversations that students learn can be used in their everyday life, which then is the start of revitalizing Noongar language.

Greenfields Primary School
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