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Greenfields Primary School


Medication will not be administered to a student unless an Administration of Medication Form has been completed and signed by the parent or guardian. It is imperative that any medication given to students must have been sighted by the School in its original packaging, with the pharmacy  label clearly stating the student’s name, type of medication, dose and frequency.


Greenfields Primary is an allergy aware school, we are not nut free. Given the number of foods to which students may be allergic, it is not possible to remove all allergens from the school environment. However, it is important for everyone within our community to become aware of the risks associated with anaphylaxis and to implement practical, age-appropriate strategies to minimise exposure to known allergens.

The most important people in preventing exposure are parents of children with allergies, it is your job to educate your child about their allergies and the importance of making sure they always check for themselves if an opportunity presents for them to try something you haven’t provided. The school plays its part, by communicating with students and parents about allergies and ensuring those children with allergies are accommodated with alternative options during school events. We are also required to update medical plans upon enrolment, at least once yearly or whenever a student might have an anaphylactic reaction to an allergen at school and to undergo yearly training in the administration of Epipens.

All parents are required to inform the classroom teacher of the exact ingredients contained within any birthday cakes or other food items if they are being consumed by people other than their own child at school. Please consider doing this a day or two in advance as it allows the classroom teacher to check the ingredients and inform any parents of students with allergies. This keeps parents of children with allergies informed and allows alternatives to be sent in where their child is unable to consume what’s being provided.

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