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Dental Therapy Centre

Greenfields Primary School

Greenfields Dental Therapy

We can be reached at 9581 3895. On Public Holidays and weekends and after hours please call 1800 098 818 for advice.


Please also note that year 6's after primary school, will continue to be seen up until the end of year 11 or the age of 17 which ever one comes first for all enrolled students. If your child is enrolled at Greenfields Dental Therapy Centre, you will continue to receive appointments or letters to contact for an appointment. However, if your address changes you will need to contact us to update these details. Please email

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Greenfields Dental Therapy Centre Area South 4
Dental Health Services

Mental Health, Public Health and Dental Services

Greenfields Primary School

Zambesi Drive, Greenfields 6210

9581 3895

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